FUELING YOUR RUN – 666 Tseung Kwan O Harbor Dusk Run test race@Tseung Kwan O Waterfront Park

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Urban Spring proudly sponsored drinking water at the 666 Tseung Kwan O Harbor Dusk Run test race organized by longrun.hk on 24th June.

We gave away a lightweight collapsible cup to each participant from which they can drink the filtered water we provided.

It was encouraging to see them carry our cups throughout the race and refill them at our water dispenser. We have saved 100 500ml plastic bottles in the 1.5-hour event!

It was also the pilot trial of our newly designed outdoor water solution.

Carrying the “free Hong Kong of disposable plastic bottles” message, our lovely mini dispenser was connected to a water tank and a generator, which provided clean filtered water even at events without direct water and electricity supply. Thanks to our partner longrun.hk, we were able to test out our new event solution and receive constructive feedbacks, which allowed us to continuously improve our service.

To our delight, all the runners enjoyed the fresh chilled water with our collapsible cups!

城泉Urban Spring於6月24日在長跑網舉辦的666TKO海濱黃昏跑+挑戰木人行的試路賽中,供應飲用水給逾300名跑手。每名跑手皆獲得我們的摺疊杯 。很多跑手在整個賽事中攜帶我們的杯,亦於我們的水站享用我們提供的過濾飲用水。在短短一個半小時內,他們共省了100枝500毫升的樽裝水!




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