SAY NO TO MARINE PLASTIC POLLUTION – Adidas X Parley Run For The Ocean 2018

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We are honoured to support Run For The Oceans with our smart water station on June 10 in Hong Kong Science Park. It is a global running movement that raise awareness to the threat of ocean plastic pollution.

While plastics can be useful and serves us benefits, disposing of plastics into the oceans is harmful to marine creatures, from getting them entangled in plastics, to eating of plastics, which in the end, could be the cause of their death.

We are glad to be part of the movement. Environmental protection is not only a social issue, it can also be our attitude and lifestyle. Let’s reduce plastic usage and fight against marine plastic pollution together!

我們很榮幸獲得Adidas的邀請,於6月10日在香港科學園為Run For The Oceans這個全球性的跑步運動提供飲用水。



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