We are excited to have a 2nd Well井 in Causeway Bay, one of the most energetic districts in Hong Kong! You can now find it at 2/F of Lee Garden Two near nursery room.

Last August, Hysan Place has also organized “Hydrated Causeway Bay – Rent A Bottle”, a 1-month event to keep people hydrated in this hot season. A pop-up Well# was set-up at 4/F and has saved 3,600 plastic bottles*! 100 flasks are rented out so people can refill from our smart water station even they forgot to bring their bottles. “Draw Your Own Bottle” sessions were opened during weekend for public to personalise bottle with creativity.

Keep the trend and expand the network by bringing your own bottles and refilling it from Well#!

*Calculation based on a 500ml plastic bottle, a common size used in Hong Kong.

為期一個月的”Rent A Bottle” 租樽活動已經於 8 月 26 日圓滿結束,我們租出接近一百個水樽,在希慎四樓的Pop up Well井亦節省超過3600個膠樽*。就算大家忘了帶水樽都可以租借水樽斟水,減少購買樽裝水。另外當中有七、八月份各有一個周末設有 “Draw Your Own Bottle”畫樽活動,大人和小朋友都一齊發揮創意,畫一個屬於自己獨一無二的水樽。