HKAI Consumer Design Award 2018

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Well井 is honored to receive the Consumer Product Design Award at the Hong Kong Awards for Industries (HKAI) 2018.
The HKAI aims to acknowledge the excellent performance and achievements of Hong Kong enterprises in pursuit of high value-added activities, and to commend excellence in enhancing competitiveness and service quality of their performances.

The judging panel were not only impressed by the sleek design of Well井, but also the mission and determination of Urban Spring to disrupt the design of water dispenser and services in the industry, and drive a habit change of general public in the way of consuming drinkable water.

Together we have saved 1 million single-use plastic bottles last year! We want to thank many partners who have walked this journey with us, including our designer Chi-Wing Lee from Milk Design (HK) and Hung and Eddie @CoDesign.


城泉很榮幸得到香港工商業獎2018 - 消費產品設計獎。這個獎旨在促進產品設計,肯定產品設計對香港工業的重要性,以及鼓勵本港企業家提高產品設計水平 。我們特別感謝設計研發Well#的團隊CoDesign及設計師利志榮,和一直支持城泉的朋友。我們今年的累積節省膠樽數目已達到一百萬個!希望來年可以見到不同領域的合作與夥伴。


Photo 2: Ricci Lau, Steven Chui and Helen Chan of Urban Spring with Prof. Eric Yim JP, Chairman of Hong Kong Design Centre (second on the right)

Full version of winners and products 得獎者及產品介紹:

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