Sustainable Product Supplier

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With the smart functions and environmentally friendly features of Well#, Urban spring is recognised as  “Sustainable Product Supplier” under the “Fostering Sustainable Consumption for Hong Kong Business and the Community” programme since 2018.

About the programme:
To promote sustainable consumption among Hong Kong business and the general public, Business Environment Council Ltd. (BEC) will develop an online platform titled “Online Directory of Sustainable Products and Services”. Sustainable product options will be introduced to the business sector and community through website and mobile application. All suppliers offering products or services with sustainable features such as eco-friendly, biodiversity-friendly, organic, fair trade and social enterprise-related etc. are now welcome to join the platform as “Sustainable Product Supplier” to share product information with potential buyers.

The programme is organised by the Business Environment Council Ltd. (BEC) and funded by the Sustainable Development Fund, which aims to promote sustainable consumption and drive behavioral changes in Hong Kong

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