#WellDrinker02 Photograher John-Paul Pietrus

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London based photographer, John-Paul Pietrus travels around the world to work with international fashion brands and magazines. During his recent trip to Hong Kong, John-Paul photographed Urban Spring team members and became our second #WellDrinker.

We took the opportunity to talk with John-Paul about his view of sustainability life style.
U.S.: First of all, please tell us your first encounter with Well#?
J.P.: The concept of providing out of home quality drinking water network in an urban environment is fantastic. I love the name ‘Well’. In old days, people lived around a well. It reminds me of how a community is started.

U.S.: What is sustainable life style to you?
J.P.: My sustainable life style starts from less waste. Not just that I try to not use single-use plastic bag and bottle. I prefer to do my produce and grocery shopping in small shops that won’t package their produce with excessive packaging, if at all. Also, I love to support local community and small business in this way.

U.S.: What’s your view of BYOB becoming fashionable and the bottle is in fact an accessory now?
J.P.: The trend of BYOB as a fashion accessory started way back. I remember a French fashion giant has produced a reusable water bottle in the 90’s. It was such a pioneer at the time. The trend is definitely back on.

U.S.: If you are asked to design a reusable water bottle, what would you do? The perfect water bottle in John-Paul’s eyes?
J.P.: Something unique with optimum quality. I’d love to use recycled glass. Glass gives that quality feeling. The bottle would look and feel artisinal, a bit organic and imperfect, asymmetric elements and perhaps with a bit of a ‘lean’ when it is placed upright.


Like a new kind of jewellery, reusable water bottle has become a status symbol nowadays, embracing the organic and sustainable lifestyle! Perhaps we’ll see John-Paul launching a ‘designer water bottle’ with his luxury jewellery line very soon.

Check out John-Paul’s jewellery design work at
IG @francisdelara_finejewels

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