Well井 – 創意的泉源The Source of Creativity

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  • 絕膠救地球 – 了解膠的問題及4R
  • Fun Theory –創意感染正面改變
  • Lean Canvas Model – 步步規劃
  • 社企參觀及分享
  • 創意大比併

A series of “Be a Social Entrepreneur” Workshop in Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West Hong Chi Morninghope School has successfully completed! As the instructor, Helen’s biggest surprise is the enthusiasm of the students: ” Although this group of  ‘little entrepreneurs’ are with special education needs, but their participation and creativity is no less than others, I am most touched to see they were able to integrate what I have said in the class into their final pitching!”

Well as the brain child of Urban Spring, not only is a smart alternative to single-use plastic bottled water, also a source of inspiration.  Through our own experience as a social startup, we designed the workshop to introduce business thinking and models to solve social issues.

The Workshop covers:

  • Plastic issues in HK, classification and 4R
  • Fun Theory – positive reinforcement for behavioral change
  • Lean Canvas Model – step-by-step business planning
  • Company visit and sharing
  • Pitching of ideas
學生介紹他們的 「創業大計」 Students pitching for their "Business Plan"


蘇老師: 「創業,對於有特殊學習需要的學生來說,是否天方夜譚?參加「小小環保社會企業家」後,你會發現機會能成就無限可能。

從介紹環保減塑的知識,然後認識社企定義及營運,到學習fun theory當中的趣味及創意,最後學習創業的知識、方法。當中為學生創造了很多思考、動手做的機會,老師及學生都能接觸新知識,學生更能發揮創意,根據社會上的環保議題去構思改善問題的產品及服務,從中展現協作及解難的能力,為創業踏出第一步。」

吳羽軒同學:「最難忘是參觀城泉公司,了解不同人在公司的崗位, 同玩遊戲得到水的知識!」

The event received very positive feedback from both students and teacher in charge:

Miss Su: “Is entrepreneurship that students with special learning needs can never be reached?” After participating in the “Be a Social Entrepreneur” workshop, everything is possible!

From introducing the knowledge of environmental protection and plastic reduction, to understanding the definition and operation of social enterprises; from fun theory to how to start up a company… students were open-up to new knowledge, creative thinking, and hands-on experience! They were also able to demonstrate the ability to collaborate and problem-solving, and co-created a proposal for a social problem.”

Student Ng Yu-hin: “The most memorable part to me is the visit to Urban Spring office, I was able to talk to different people in different departments, and played games to get water knowledge!”  

「估我係乜水?」學生試水認識膠的碳足跡。 Learning of carbon footprint of plastic through blind tasting game.
學生有機會深入了解Well井的設計及運作 Students were able to take a closer look into the engineering of Well井


Urban Spring offers workshops on different topics, which can be designed according to the level, time and focus of students. Please contact us to learn more.

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