Water Myth 03

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  1. 無糖飲料 例如茶[1]和咖啡[2] ,它們被認為是利尿劑,原因是裡面的咖啡因會導致尿頻,因此身體會比平時排出更多的水份。
  2. 甜或鹹的飲料[3] – 例如可樂和能量飲料,它們也會從細胞中抽走身體中的水份。試想像,在天秤上放一塊石頭,天秤會傾斜,為了令天秤平衡,我們會在另一側放一塊大小差不多的石頭。我們的身體就如天秤一樣,由於這些飲料的糖或鹽份高,身體需要更多水份去平衡水分差異,因此我們會感到口渴。[4]

飲用含有鈉的食物和飲料會比較容易脫水,相反,白開水或涼茶是最能補水的。 但是如果您是喜歡喝蘇打水的話,相信你也不想喝白開水或涼茶。 這樣的話,相信你是喜歡蘇打水裡面的碳酸,那可以試試汽泡水。 如果覺得味道太混合,可以加一點檸檬汁、切片水果或黃瓜,甚至一些新鮮的香草。炎炎夏天,想補充水份的時候,不妨直接考慮飲水!


The Best Summer Drink.

Hong Kong’s summer can be overwhelming. The temperature reaches 31oC or higher most days. It feels like 40oC as the humidity is often more than 80%.  Most people crave for icy cold drinks, such as iced tea, coffee, and coke…etc., and make one feel rejuvenated. 

Did you know that these drinks are not exactly the best option to hydrate yourself under hot weather?  Here is what we find out when we research more about these drinks:

  1. Sugar-free drinks, such as tea [1] and coffee [2] which are considered diuretic, contain caffeine which induces frequent urination. As a result, more water is expelled from our bodies than we would normally do.
  2. Sugary or salty drinks [3], such as lemon tea, coke, and energy drinks increases your body’s water needs due to the amount of water required to metabolize sugar and sodium, so while sugary drinks may taste refreshing at first, they actually can be dehydrating. [4].

Foods and beverages that include sodium are the most dehydrating, whereas plain water or herbal teas are the most hydrating. If you are a soda drinker, this is easier said than done. If it’s the carbonation you like, give sparkling water a try. If the taste is too bland, try adding a splash of lemon juice, sliced fruit or cucumber, or even some fresh herbs.
Bring your own bottle, stay hydrated, refill to reduce!


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