#WellDrinker13 Ap Lei Chau鴨利洲 – Urbanwood Hotels – Edward Law

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疫情反覆,外遊變得遙遙無期,所以香港這兩年開始興起Staycation。Staycation 可以令我們暫時遠離煩囂,輕鬆一下,大家有沒有想過Green Staycation 這個選擇?這次#WellDrinker #13 有Urbanwood Hotels 的Edward 跟我們分享如何將可持續性發展融入酒店。


Urbanwood 主要有兩個關於可持續性發展的項目:
第一,酒店房間不會用一次性塑膠日用品,鼓勵住客自己帶水樽及牙刷前來。第二,推行Eco-Tourism, 跟「遊沐」(一間推廣環保教育的社企) 合作,舉辦Staycation packages,讓家庭參與,內容包括到南丫島或香港仔行山,讓小朋友及家長對大自然了解更多,從而循序漸進地過可持續發展的生活模式。

Urbanwood Hotels 一週年
Urbanwood的住客普遍接受他們棄用即棄塑膠,更以行動支持自備水樽到Reading Lounge 的Well井水機添水。Edward樂見香港漸漸走向減少用即棄塑膠的趨勢,而Urbanwood 也希望可以成為棄用即棄塑膠的一份子。

Urbanwood 希望住客體驗過他們的住宿及活動後變得更環保,知道地球資源有多寶貴,而透過Urban Spring 的Well井水機所顯示的膠樽節省數量更可以令小朋友對環保有更大興趣。


Due to the pandemic, overseas travel is not an option, Staycation has become more popular in Hong Kong.  While you are looking for your next Staycation option, Green Staycation could be a good choice.  In this episode, Edward from Urbanwood Hotels shared with us what they have done to make the hotels more sustainable.

Urbanwood respects and commits to support the local cultures.
Ap Lei Chau has a long history, there are different traces of the old Hong Kong that can be discovered.  It is a unique community with different cultures, and it offers a lot of refreshing experiences and senses to the tourists and visitors. These are the reasons Urbanwood hotel was chosen to be established in Ap Lei Chau.

Urbanwood’s efforts in sustainability
There are two sustainable programs in Urbanwood.  Firstly, they do not provide single-use plastic amenities and encourage hotel guests to bring their own water bottles and toothbrushes.  Secondly, they collaborate with “Nature Bathing”, which is also a social enterprise, to promote Eco-tourism and organize staycation packages for families. These packages include hiking in Lamma Island and Aberdeen which allow children and parents to learn more about nature and a journey leading to a sustainable lifestyle.

Urbanwood’s 1st Anniversary
The guests generally welcome no single-use plastic practice. They bring along their own bottles and go to the reading lounge’s Well井 to refill water.  The trend of reducing single-use plastic is getting stronger in Hong Kong and Urbanwood would like to be part of the trend. Urbanwood Hotels strive to reduce plastic waste, which takes a long time to decompose.

Responsibility to society and the next generation
Urbanwood hopes the guests have a better understanding of how precious the earth’s resources are after experiencing their staying and activities.  The saved number of plastic bottles displayed on the LED of the Well井 by Urban Spring can also bring awareness to the kids in environmental protection.

We are happy and excited about businesses that cherish neighborhood relationships in Hong Kong.  They respect and commit to promoting local culture.  We look forward to seeing more businesses contribute to the local communities, support sustainable development, and reducing the consumption of single-use plastic at source.

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