At Urban Spring, we bring our dedication to sustainability and quality drinking water to your events. Whether it’s a corporate conference, community festival, or sports event, our goal is to provide a reliable and eco-friendly hydration solution that meets your needs. Every deployment is followed by an impact report on single-use plastic saved and Co2 prevented.

Event Services


Urban Spring has various dispensers suited for events. The dispensers can be connected to a direct water source, or a refillable water tank will be provided where no direct water outlet is available nearby. 

Events Partners


No, we recognise that most event venues will not have direct water access available. We can provide a refillable water tank that connects to the Well井 unit. 

The venue must have power access (220-240V) for the units to connect to. 

Yes, we have a lot of experience with outdoor events, but you must be able to provide a shaded spot or covering (tent or marquee) to protect the units from rain and prolonged direct sunlight. 

That’s great! We are able to customise the digital display on the  Well井 free of charge for every event rental, within reason. 

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