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Get Involved

School Programme

We are partnering with La Violet, a social enterprise which supports youth development and creativity, to launch a school education programme on reducing plastic waste in 20+ schools in the academic year of 2018/19.

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Social Entrepreneurship workshop – For teens to experience problem solving for challenges in a social startup

Green workshop (Urban Spring x Reconnect) – For teens to explore water sciences and plastic issues in HK

HydroActive HK Walkshop- Outreach journey to find out water experience in urban areas

You can learn serious topics in fun ways. Talk to our community engagement manager for a workshop trial.


Urban Spring has agreed to support the UN’s Clean Seas campaign by sponsoring the installation of smart water stations Well# and education programs in 10 schools bbefore the end of 2018. Educating and enabling the next generation is key to bring long-lasting changes to any irresponsible use of single-use plastic, particularly plastic bottles where safe drinking stations are available.


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