OUR URBAN CITY RE-EXAMINED – Experiencing HK’s Walkability and Drinkability with Urban Spring’s HydroActive Walkshop

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In Urban Spring, fresh ideas are always brewing. Aspiring to advocate sustainability and a plastic-free community, Urban Spring launched the ‘HydroActive Walkshop’ in 2016 for people to experience the challenges in getting free water around the city.


ECF Saint Too Canaan College, Walk 21 (a global leader in advocating city walkability and citizens’ wellbeing) and Service Design Hong Kong, an Asia-Pacific regional conference dedicated to customer-centric business design, were involved in our program. The program not only presented issues regarding free water accessibility to participants, it also allowed them to gain hands-on experience in service design in the actual workplace. The walkshop was held in Central and Sheung Wan this year, with 12 students from the college and around 25 professionals attending from local and overseas.

During the walkshop, participants had to undergo activities related to research and planning, solution gathering and, of course, a tint of fun and excitement – treasure hunting. Their mission was to complete special tasks in urban areas around the neighbourhood, for instance finding ways to obtain free water, and observing and interviewing pedestrians about their bottled water buying habits. Their ultimate challenge was to generate creative solutions to promote ‘free water drinkability’ in Hong Kong.

The program was another of Urban Spring’s proud achievements – it is indeed a pleasure seeing our participants’ passionate involvement and unwavering endurance throughout. We are looking forward to seeing more creative ideas from the younger generation in the future!

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