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Water from the Water Supplies Department (“WSD”) to the building’s water tanks is strictly monitored by the WSD to ensure that it meets the standards of the World Health Organization. However, the water pipes connected to the household or particular water point may become old over the years. If they are not replaced regularly, it may release harmful metals and affect the water quality.
Boiling water up to 100 degrees can kill bacteria, but it cannot remove heavy metals. Therefore, it is recommended to install internationally certified filters in order to isolate the harmful substances.

由水務署提供到大廈食水缸的水質由水務署嚴格監控,確保合乎世界衛生組織的標準。唯由大廈水缸接駁到單位或水機位置的水喉有機會由於長年累月使用而變舊,如沒有定期更換,有機會釋出重金屬而影響水質。 煲水至100度高溫可殺死細菌,唯不能清除重金屬,所以會建議在飲用水喉後加裝國際認證的過濾器去隔絕有害物質。

According to the health guidelines provided by the Centre for Health Protection in April 2022, to prevent cross-infection, water fountains must not be used. It is recommended to use a container (such as a water cup or water bottle) to drink water from a water dispenser. To further ensure cleanliness and safety, you should choose a water dispenser with a concealed water outlet, regular cleansing function and smart monitoring of the filter performance.

根據衛生防護中心於2022年4 月提供的健康指引,為防止交叉感染,切勿使用噴射式飲水機,並建議改用容器(如水杯或水樽)從盛水式飲水機盛水飲用。 為進一步確保清潔及安全,應選用有隱藏式出水口,定期清洗功能及監控過濾系統的飲水機。

Well井 is regularly and closely monitored by Urban Spring. Programmable auto-rinsing with configurable time and volume for up to four times a day and ensure any idle water are being dispensed out of the system. Hidden nozzle design and the monitoring of filter usage by Urban Spring’s Central Management System, it also safeguard risk of bacteria growth and minimize contamination. The facility team on site would only need to perform basic daily cleaning of machine exterior regularly.

每部Well井均由城泉全天候嚴格監察及定期安排政府認可的化驗所為Well井水源驗水。 Well井設計用上隱藏式出水孔,及以電腦化管理,內置一日四次自動清洗功能,可因應場地需要而調教時間及出水量。中央管理系統會監察過濾系統的使用狀況,以保障飲用水的安全性。 場地人員只需定期清潔機身表面便可。

Well井 use NSF certified filter with high standards for the reduction of : –

No. 42 – Asthetic Effects including Bacteriorstatic effects, Chemical reduction, Taste & Odor, Chlorine, Mechanical Filtration – Nominal Particulate Class 1.

No. 53 – Health Effects including Chemical Reduction. Lead, Mechanical Filtration, and Cyst. The filter consists of cellulose-free synthetic fibres impregnated with powered activiated carbon.

This filtration media effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria, and provides ultra-fine membrane for a reduction of 99.999% bacteria including E-Coli.


NSF 42 – 可去除細菌、味道、顏色、氯

NSF 53 – 可去除有害化學物質,包括鉛

該濾水器由活性炭及不含纖維素的合成纖維組成 有效地抑制細菌生長,並提供超細膜以減少99.999%的細菌,包括水中的氯、其他有機化合物、雜質、污染物以及大腸桿菌。

Well井 use data to monitor the filter. The water filter used in Well井 can filter up to 56,700 liters, actual amount of water dispensed will be deducted from the filter capacity. When the upper limit of capacity is almost reached, the Central Management System will receive an alert to replace the water filter, allowing enough time for the supporting team to replace a new filter. Or when the flow rate drops suddenly or becomes extremely slow (below psi 10), there will also be a prompt for replacement.

Well井用數據去管理濾水器 — 現時濾水器使用的可過濾容量上限為56,700升,中央管理系統會收集實際使用數據,扣減濾水器容量,當達到容量上限前,會有提示,讓團隊有足夠時間更換新的濾水器。或當濾水流速變異時或變得特別緩慢 (psi 10以下),Well井同樣會有提示更換。

Dimension of Well井 is 1590mm in height and diameter at 320mm. The height of the water refilling bay is around 300mm. External casing material is stainless steel while all the internal components along the water routing are food-graded.

Well# serves slightly cool water as we have a temperature-responsive function to mix ambient water with chilled water, ideally to serve water at temperature around 20-22 degrees.

To host Well井,the venue needs to provide a water source, a drainage point, a 13Am independent power socket and WIFI connection within one meter. The optimal water pressure is between 30 to 50 psi.

Well井 過度1590mm, 直徑320mm。中間添水位置高度約300mm。機身物料為不銹鋼。內在水路會經過的配件均為食用級物料。


場地在安裝 Well井的一米範圍內需提供來水水源,去水位置,13Am 獨立電源及WIFI連接。 來水水壓理想範圍在30至50 psi 之間。

Well井 is made of durable materials and single button operation. It is suitable to place in public and high-traffic indoor or sheltered semi-outdoor places, such as shopping malls, hotel lobbies and corridors, fitness centres, schools, sports fields, clubs and hospitals, etc.


The black and turqoise blue are the signature color of Well井。Occasionally we have limited edition color designs, and WellArt in collaboration with local and overseas artists. We welcome customers to provide and customize the outlook. Please reach out to our Business Development team.

機身黑色及中間湖水藍色是Well井的獨特設計。偶有限量版的顏色設計,及與藝術家合作的 WellArt。我們歡迎客人提供及自訂機身設計,歡迎向業務拓展部洽商。

Clients can choose to buy or lease on an annual basis. If you are interested, please contact the Business Development Department to discuss trial services.


Whether you are looking for green solutions to align with the latest building certifications or the company’s Sustainable Development Goals, or creating smart campuses and residences. Well井 and Urban Spring’s team can work together flexibly to help you achieve your goals.


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