Suitable for indoor locations equipped with: Water inlet, Water outlet, Electricity, Wifi


• Accredited laboratory test of water source

• International NSF* certified filtration system

• Temperature-responsive regulator and cooling algorithm

• Programmable auto-rinse

• Hidden contactless nozzle

• Wheelchair and kids-friendly button control

• Optional foot pedal control and sensor button


• Smart sensors & real time monitoring

• Customizable sleep mode

• 10” LCD Screen


• Sustainability indicator

• Transaction details

• Operating conditions

• User’s behaviour

Smarter & Cleaner

Single Button Control

  • Designed to serve filtered water at the most comfortable temperature and efficient flow

Hidden Nozzle

  • Prevent contact & contamination


  • Remove stagnant water periodically
  • Mitigate risk of bacterial growth

Foot Pedal Control | Sensor Button

  • Designed to be operated without the need to activate a dispense by hand in response to heightened hygiene concern

NEW PRODUCT - Well 3.0

  • Compact cylindrical body: 151cm(H)x28cm(Diameter)
  • Sufficient dispensing space: 24cm(W)x15cm(D)x28cm(H)  
  • Suitable for Schools, Offices and Retail Premises
  • Available in February 2024
  • Touch screen selection of cold or ambient water
  • Digital display to show number of bottles avoided
  • Filter and UV alerts
  • Eco-mode to save energy

24/7 Real-time Monitoring And Data Collection

  • Multiple sensors to detect status or defect such as filter status and leakage issue
  • Real-time monitoring by a dedicated service team
  • Comprehensive data collection and analytics for reporting and modelling

NSF Certified
Activated Carbon Filter

    • NSF* Certified under NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53
    • Lead removal filter
    • Reduces chlorine taste, odor and other offensive contaminants
    • Reduces dirt and particles as small as 0.5
    micron in size, and reduces health contaminants such as cysts
  • *The NSF mark certifies that a product meets all standard requirements, including product testing and regular inspections

CE Certified

The mark indicates that a product:
Fulfills the requirements of relevant European product directives. Meets all the requirements of the relevant recognized European harmonized performance and safety standards.

TIFQ Certified Filter

TIFQ – Institute for the Hygienic Quality of Food Technologies (Italy)

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Assessment & Consultation

  • Holistic review of the venue
  • Customer’s need analysis
  • Pre-installation water test & assessment
  • Customize and recommend different options

Engineering & Maintenance

  • Tailored Installation Plan
  • Regular maintenance, inspection and replacement
  • Relocation services
  • Special handling & cleaning

Measure & Monitor

  • Real-time monitoring of performance, potential defects and filter efficiency
  • Remote maintenance and adjustment
  • Water usage report and trend analysis

Service Hotline : +852 9543 4995 

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