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Drink Well. Appreciate Art. Think Water.

To inspire culture and behaviour change to Bring-Your-Own-Bottle, Urban Spring is launching Art.
Through art, we hope to broaden the audience and awareness of the plastic and water issue.

Urban Spring is commissioning artists to use  as a canvas to express their inspiration and interpret the relationship between water and human. Viewers are invited to explore with them and reflect how they wish to live sustainably.

This project was kicked off in March 2021. The first commission engages four pairs of artists, each pair includes an artist from Hong Kong and Singapore. These two cities are different and yet similar. Like water, the artists have found ways to ‘flow’ ideas and collaborate virtually. Not being able to meet face to face has not diminished sparks and energy between the artists.
We are excited about this project. It is first of its kind, in terms of the forms, processes and narratives.

Enquiry : Helen Chan | +852 3188 8072 | helen.chan@urbanspring.hk

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