Our Missions

Established in September 2015, Urban Spring has been redefining the water drinking experience outside of the home by building an innovative, refreshing water refill network in Hong Kong.

With immense passion and dedication, We strive to empower your life with a smarter choice thus reducing the need for single-use plastic bottled water for a sustainable urban lifestyle.

We have developed Well#, an innovative Smart Water Station with latest technology incorporated into the sleek and contemporary design, providing accessible water refill points around Hong Kong, for everyone.



“Pioneering a new urban water drinking experience!”

We innovate a smart water dispenser offering a cool and fun water refilling experience to the urbanites of Hong Kong.

How Smart is Well#?

– Interactive LCD Screen to display information on bottles saved

– Hidden Contactless nozzle for hygienic water refilling experience

– Multiple sensor to optimise water temperature and to monitor water flow or any leakage

– Remote monitoring of the International NSF Certified Filtration System to ensure quality of water

– Auto-flushing to safeguard bacteria growth


What’s More

Hong Kong on average consumes 1.5 million plastic bottled water every day. And some of these water travel halfway around the world to reach us! Hong Kong recycling facility, and even sadly landfill, cannot handle this amount of plastic waste. Our city needs a more realistic solution to water. We need to drink water smarter.

Hong Kong water is safe.  The Water Supplies Department standard is in compliance with the WHO standard.  Obviously we need to consider the entire water delivery system, from public distribution system to pipelines in individual building.

The lead water incident was related to the specific water storage and piping within a particular facility, and not a reflection of the overall water quality of Hong Kong.

Our Well# is equipped with lead-removal filtration system. In addition, our diligent servicing, regular water testing and monitoring system provide great assurance for our users to enjoy the water.

Before we install the water stations, we perform water test of the incoming water quality, as well as assess the piping and water storage systems to understand the existing water quality of the location. With our water station, we use commercial-grade and international NSF-certified water filtration system.  We provide regular monitor and maintenance to our users to ensure water quality of Well#.

NSF International is an independent accredited organization that test, audit and, certify products and systems. Products with the NSF International mark demonstrate compliance with national or international standards and regulations.

We adopt an holistic approach combining data and technology with education to influence behavior. We take every opportunity to work with like-minded partners on education and awareness-building events and programs to effect change.