Universities & Tertiary Institution


We are a reliable partner to advance drinking water quality and enhancing sustainability and well-being in your schools.

We provide one stop services
You will have no hassle to manage the water dispenser
24/7 remote monitoring by Urban Spring’s service team
Cost effective solution will be provided

Our water dispensers incorporates functional technology in a contemporary design, providing accessible and reliable water refill for everyone.

Why Choose Urban Spring?

A holistic services experience will be provided by the Urban Spring Professional Team
to ensure the best drinking water solution implemented at your schools

1. Pre-installation Assessment

  • Client’s need analysis
  • Site survey
  • Water Supply Department standard water testing & assessment
  • Water test is done by accredited laboratory

2. Installation & Support

  • On-site installation support & customization of filters
  • Seamless technical support
  • Customer centric & after-sales services

3. Measure & Monitor

  • Real-time consumption monitoring
  • System performance & data analytics
  • Quality tracking & filter efficiency

Who Use Urban Spring?

UST – Total Solution

A total solution is provided to UST:

  • Installing the signature product of Well井 in 8 different locations within UST
  • Retrofitting a SmartHub into 50 non-Well井 water dispensers for monitoring purpose
  • Providing data for all the Well井 and those 50 water dispensers with SmartHub to tell story of water drinking behaviour in UST
  • Data integration with UST’s Platform
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