UNFRIEND DISPOSABLE PLASTIC WEEK – Global Youth Leaders Summit 2017@ PolyU & MAMASMART@ Science Park

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Last week Urban Spring joined two events to encourage public to bring their bottles.

We supported the Global Youth Leaders Summit 2017 organized by the Global Youth Leadership Institute of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 28th June as water sponsor. The Summit themed Social Entrepreneurship, aiming to generate ideas to solve some of the world’s demanding problems by gathering students across worldwide.

Many participants refilled their bottles from our water jars while others rented our flasks. Most of them hoped that there would be water supply in future events and supported the idea of carrying their own water bottles.



With the great success from April, Urban Spring joined MAMASMART again at Science Park on 1 st July. This time we served visitors filtered drinking water using our new mobile prototype Mini, as well as hosted three games to engage users.

It was encouraging that around 400 plastic bottles (based on 400 ml bottle size) have been saved within an afternoon. The chilled water supplied by Mini were very popular. Visitors of all ages visited Mini and kept themselves hydrated under the hot weather.

To raise public awareness on the problem of plastic waste in Hong Kong, one of the games was a quiz about the consumption data of bottled water and the amount plastic waste. Most participants were surprised by how destructive plastic is to our environment and to human health. Most of them were motivated to reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles. This demonstrated that education played a role in changing people’s behavior.

We are delighted that more and more people are joining us to be more environmentally conscious and making an effort to make little steps in their daily life to protect our planet.

Let’s start with buying less disposable bottles. Bring our own bottles today!


城泉Urban Spring 於6月28為理工大學全球青年領袖學院舉辦的 Global Youth Leaders Summit 2017 提供飲用水。當日很多參加者自攜水樽或使用我們的水樽租借服務來享用我們提供的過濾飲用水。不少參加者希望日後的會議支持減少即棄樽裝水並可以提供添水。


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