CREATE A LESS PLASTIC CAMPUS – STCC Sports Day & UST Bottled Water Free campaign celebration

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Urban Spring has been invited to provide filtered drinking water and promote a Less Disposable Sports Day with students from ECF Saint Too Canaan College and Career & Life Adventure Planning Project for Youths of Jockey Club on 23 & 26 February 2018. Students are trained to practice their event planning skills, while 800 bottles have been saved in 2 days.

We have also joined UST Bottled Water Free Campaign Celebration on 22 March – World Water Day. 17 new water refilling facilities including 3 Well井have been installed in UST campus and sale of plastic bottled water of 1 Liter or less is banned in campus as to on reduce the consumption of disposable plastic bottles. Simply show your commitment by BYOB and “Refill to Reduce”!


Urban Spring受到基督教中國佈道會聖道迦南書院邀請,於2月23及26日陸運會提供飲用水,並與參加了CLAP賽馬會鼓掌•創你程職場體驗計劃的學生一齊合作推動Less Disposable Sports Day,一共減少接近800支樽裝水。希望同學們可以透過籌備活動運用到職場技巧,明白到即棄塑膠對環境的禍害,繼續在校園內推廣無塑校園理念!


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